Frequently Asked Questions

What does my custom balloon installation include?
I will arrive at your house with the majority of the balloons blown up, some larger ones I will need to install onsite. It will take me between 45 min – 1 1/2 hours to set up depending on size and complexity of the design. I wont need anything except access to one wall outlet to blow up the large or specialty balloons.
Should I have balloons installed the same day as my event?
If it is for outside, yes. I would like to set up outdoor displays the same day, ending the installation about an hour or two before event. If it is indoor, we can set it up up to 4 days prior to your event according to both of our avalibites. They last a LONG time indoor and will still look perfect for the big day!
How do you attach the balloons to the wall? Will it hurt my wall?
Whenever possible I try to tie to an existing structure. When I cannot do that, I will use command hooks. When removed correctly, they won’t affect your wall at all. I won’t leave until you understand how to take them down correctly. I even have a video I can send you!
How long will a balloon garland last?
If they are indoor, they will last for up to a month – I have seen some go longer. I always encourage clients to reuse! Take your balloon design to another friend who is having an event or birthday!
Aren't balloons harmful to the environment?
Whenever possible, I use a brand of balloon that is biodegradable!
I am hosting two events in one month, how can I use the same balloons for two different themes?
Sometimes I add extra colors that can be popped after one event. For a small fee, I will come and add colors to your existing garland for the next event! I do this a lot for clients!
I am not sure where the balloon design should go in my house, how do I know it will look good when I am ordering?
I’m extremely flexible. I can come to your house and change up where we place it if we decide there is a better focal point. I always bring extra balloons uninflated, so if the original measurements dont work, I can make more!
Do I need to be home when you install?
No! Many of my clients let me into their house remotely, or swing by to unlock the house while they go about their busy day. I don’t need anything from you so if you are comfortable with me being in your house alone, that is just fine!
Do you work with companies or just individuals?
I work with both! Examples of companies I have worked with are: Party City, Simister and Griffiths Orthodontics, Elementary schools, and Canyon Gate Country Club to name a few.